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Which of the following was part of the Fugitive Slave Act passed in 1850? 

A. Private citizens had to pay higher taxes for each runaway slave.

B. Private citizens had to assist in the capture of runaway slaves.

C. It was now illegal for slaves to run away from their owners.

D. Slave owners weren’t allowed to chase escaped slaves into the North.

the answer is :

D. In south they where reliance on slave labor and it was the foundation of their economy.


The Fugitive slave laws were laws passed by the United States Congress in 1793 and 1850 to accommodate the arrival of slaves who got away from one state into another state or region. The possibility of the criminal slave law was gotten from the Fugitive Slave Clause which is in the United States Constitution. It was felt that compelling states to convey got away slaves to slave proprietors disregarded states’ rights because of state sway and was trusted that seizing state property ought not be surrendered over to the states. The Fugitive Slave Clause expresses that got away slaves “should be conveyed up on Claim of the Party to whom such Service or Labor might be expected”, which compressed state rights on the grounds that recovering slaves was a type of recovering private property. After the Compromise of 1850, the Supreme Court made servitude an ensured organization and masterminded a progression of laws that permitted subjugation in the new regions and constrained authorities in Free States to give a hearing to slaveholders without a jury

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