all processes form mountain ranges are known

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All the processes that form mountain ranges are known as  
A. compressive forces.
B. arch vibrations.
C. orogeny.
D. island arcing.

the answer is :

C. orogeny.


A mountain range or slope extend is a progression of mountains or slopes ran in a line and associated by high ground. A mountain framework or mountain belt is a gathering of mountain ranges with comparability in shape, structure and arrangement that have emerged from a similar reason, more often than not an orogeny. Mountain ranges are framed by an assortment of geographical procedures, however a large portion of the critical ones on Earth are the consequence of plate tectonics. Mountain ranges are likewise found on numerous planetary mass questions in the Solar System and are likely an element of most earthly planets.

Mountain ranges are normally divided by good countries or mountain passes and valleys. Singular mountains inside a similar mountain extend don’t really have the same geologic structure or petrology. They might be a blend of various orogenic articulations and rock formations, for instance push sheets, inspired pieces, overlap mountains, and volcanic landforms bringing about an assortment of shake writes.

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