aztecs adopted which aspects maya civilization

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The Aztecs adopted which aspect of Maya civilization?

  1. Cacao bean currency
  2. A central government
  3. A stone calendar
  4. A strong military

The correct answer of the question above is number 3 which is a stone calendar.

Mayan civilization was located in the region of Veracrus, Campeche, Chiapas, Yucatan, and Tabasco in Mexico. This civilization is made up of several groups, that is why they occupied large area. The Maya came up with a system of numbers of base-20. They use this numeration in their daily life such as trading and the creating of their calendar. The Mayas had two calendars which are a ritual calendar that consisted of 260 days and a solar or classic calendar with 360 days. The disappearance of Maya civilization became the mystery but the invasion of another group like Toltec could be the cause of their lost. Even so, Toltec processed all the knowledge and adapted the Mayas civilization. So there was no great loss.

After the downfall of Toltec around 11th century, the Aztec civilization flourished. They found the city of Tenochtitlan in the valley of Mexico. The Aztec was very powerful and dominated other groups, composing taxes, taking sacrifice prisoners and absorbing their advancements. This is how they were influenced by the Maya indirectly, but through the Toltec who had acquired the knowledge far before, in relation to their math and calendar. Even though there is no clear math knowledge of Aztecs but it is believed that Aztecs were taught Maya’s Math by using the same concept and symbol, and it worked the same way. They also use it for daily trading and developing calendar. The Aztec calendar which is also known as sun stone are divided into two, the Sacred calendar which consisted of 260 days or 13 months and the solar calendar with 18 months, and both are occupied by 20 days each month. These calendars come together in the circle calendar which the same as Mayas resulted in 52 years. The difference between the Mayas and the Aztecs calendar lies on different name of the day but basically are the same.

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