blue jays and robins do not interbreed assuming blue jays share same habitat describe

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Blue jays and robins do not interbreed. assuming that blue jays and robins share the same habitat, describe the possible conditions that keep these bird reproductively isolated. explain your answer.?

As new species evolve, populations become reproductively isolated from each other. Reproductive isolation occurs when members of two populations cannot interbreed and produce fertile offspring. Can develop by behavioral isolation, temporal isolation, and temporal isolation.

the answer is :

Since the two species co-inhabit the same habitat, habitat isolation can be disregarded as a factor keeping the two species separate. There are however some other broad categories of mechanisms for reproductive isolation. One is behaviour. Many birds in particular have very specific mating rituals, including mating dances, particular bird song, the development of specific mating plumage, the release of specific pheromones and the building of a particular nest structure. Another broad category is mechanical isolation. You will find that the genital organs of particular species are very specific, and preclude other close species from successfully mating. Another broad category is gametic isolation. For most species combinations, it is not possible for the gametes to fuse successfully to form a hybrid. If hybrid games do fuse, in many cases, the hybrids are sterile, such as mules for example.



Reproductive isolation alludes to the circumstance where distinctive species may live in a similar territory, however properties of people keep them from interbreeding.

The things which stop species or gatherings of living beings duplicating sexually are called secluding components.

A case of regenerative detachment. A donkey is the posterity of a steed and a jackass. They are sterile, with the exception of in exceptionally uncommon cases

Individuals from one animal categories don’t, as a rule, mate with individuals from another species, however there are numerous exemptions and varieties to this. What’s more, if such mating takes put, the posterity may not create, or may not be ripe.

In the event that species emerge by the part of familial species, it may be asked what stops the new species proceeding to imitate together. In the event that they did, they would again end up one animal types.

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