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Discuss briefly what does this test NBT entail?


The National Benchmark Test (NBT) is a test which measures your academic readiness to enroll the university. The NBT project is a national test provided by Universities South Africa. This test is meant to get access to the higher education while others also use this test to determine the learning major that students will need during their study.

The NBTs are multiple choice tests. The answers are saved in what is called bubble sheet. The sheets are corrected using computer program. There are two tests; Academic Literacy and Quantitative Literacy (AQL) and MAT test. And the time limit for each test is three hours. The AQL is conducted in the morning session. And the MAT is held in the afternoon session the same day. You have to register first before the test and you will receive a message and an email to confirm your test venue. You must be ready on your desk by 7.30 am on your scheduled test date. Do not forget to bring your printed official ID when registering and writing. Your ID will be checked before you are allowed to write the test. at check in you will receive an answer sheet with your name and ID written behind the sheet. Do not forget to recheck your name and other identity printed carefully. You will be guided by the navigator before the test starts. The navigator will ask you to show your ID. Place your ID, your pencil and your eraser beside your answer sheet and put other stuffs on the floor. The university will determine when the results of your tests are ready to be announced.


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