find quotation you would use book webster bartlett roget

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To find a quotation, you would use a book by …..

  1. Webster
  2. Bartlett
  3. Roget

The right answer of question above is number 2 which is Bartlett.

Bartlett’s familiar quotations, often shortly called Bartlett’s, is an America reference work which is the longest-lived and most largely distributed quotation collection. The book was first known in1855 and is currently its eighteenth edition published in 2012.

In the early publishment, the unique of this book is that the book is arranged by the name of the author rather than by the quotes topic as any other quotation book. And enter the chronologically by the date of birth of the author rather than alphabetically. Within years, authors’ entry was arranged by alphabet. And the quotations are arranged chronologically within author’s entry.

John Bartlett who owned the university book store in Cambridge was often asked for information about quotation. And he started to collect a book as a reference. He privately printed his compilation of quotation as a collection of familiar quotation. This first book contained 258 pages of quotations by 169 authors. The book was excellently success, and Bartlett published three more addition before he joined the Boston publishing firm.

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