forest fire destroys area small population trees and large population birds are both

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A forest fire destroys an area. A small population of trees and a large population of birds are both affected. Which type of limiting factors causes this?

  1. Density dependent
  2. Density independent
  3. Population dependent
  4. Population independent

The answer of the question above is number 2 which is density independent.

Density independent limiting factors is the factor which decreases the population growth cen be defined as environmental stress including limitation food, predation, pollutant in the environment, climate extremes and also disasters factor such as fire forest, hurricane flood and many others.

The quality of the nutrients in an environment affects the ability of an organism to survive, grow and reproduce. The lower quality of the nutrients, the higher the environmental stress will be.

Pollutant also contributes to environmental stress and limits the growth rates of population. Although some organisms are resistant to certain pollutants, but over waste pollutant would give significant bad effect to the organisms’ further life.

Environmental catastrophes such as fires, earthquakes, volcanoes and floods could strongly affect the growth rates of the population. A great disaster could harm living organisms and threatened its existence in the future. Illegal hunting also becomes big threat for a population growth especially conserved animal.

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