genes are only factor affecting whether or not individual will contract disease true or

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Genes are only factor whether or not individuals will contract disease, true or false?


False, there are a lot of factors which could cause individuals contract disease. Genes are one of them, but genes are not the only one. Particular diseases might be caused by heredity or genes factor but are rare. Mostly, the disease which is inhereted by family is a rare desease. But there are much greater diseases that are not caused by the genes. Here are some factors that trigger individuals attacked by disease:

  1. Genes, most genes we got from our parents are copies which work the same way as our parents. Most chronic diseases are caused from heredity. For example, lupus, cancer, etc. Children whose family has cancer history would have high possiblity to suffer this disease than those whose family has no cancer
  2. Pollutant, environmental polluted would give bad effect to people’s health. People who live in dirty environment, smoky, mercury, would suffer many kinds of diseases such as diarhea, stomachache,
  3. Stress, bad stressed management would affect individual’s health. People who are stressful would easily attacked by virus. This could cause chronic diseases such as, high pressure blood, stroke, mentally disorder, and others.
  4. Bad lifestyle, a good lifestyle will help you maintain your health well. Avoid smoking and alcohol, eat healthy food, exercise regularly, sleep early and always think positive.

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