individual middle adulthood often begins experience which following

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An individual in middle adulthood often begins to experience which of the following changes? 
A.beginning to reflect on personal mortality
B.beginning to evaluate life’s purpose
C.beginning to pursue new challenges
D.all of the above

the answer is :

D. all of the above. During the so-called “mid-life crisis,” people tend to start reflecting on their mortality given that almost half of their life has already passed, evaluate their purpose in life and whether they did everything they were supposed to do, and when they realize that is not the case, they start pursuing new challenges, This is because they are afraid of dying and want to start living their lives to the fullest before it’s too late.


A mid-life crisis is a progress of personality and self-assurance that can happen in moderately aged people, ordinarily 45– 64 years of age. The marvel is depicted as a mental emergency realized by occasions that feature a man’s developing age, inescapable mortality, and conceivably weaknesses of achievements throughout everyday life. This may create sentiments of wretchedness, regret, and uneasiness, or the want to accomplish energy or roll out exceptional improvements to current way of life.

The term was authored by Elliott Jaques in 1965. More current research has demonstrated this isn’t a stage that most moderately aged individuals really experience, and some have scrutinized the presence of this wonder.

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