new urban areas grew result

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New urban area grew as a result….


Urbanization is an increase of the number of people living in towns and cities. The two causes of urbanization are the development of natural population and rural to urban migration. The factors of migration from rural to urban area are good employment opportunity in cities, better education facility, better health care, improved access to social services and opportunities for social and cultural activities. at the same time city provides exciting opportunity for growth and revitalization.

Here are some reason why new urban area grew; it brings together economic and human resources that stimulate the economy through the development of business, science, technology and industry. It is more effective and sufficient to supply facilities such as fresh water and electricity to a concentrated population in a city. The concentration of people and resources leads to more readily available education, health, social services and cultural activities in city. The business opportunities are better in a city than in rural area. Many kinds of business you can start in the city.

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