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A prologue of a book is an example of a …… message.

  1. Feedback
  2. Channel
  3. Source
  4. Feed forward

The answer of the question above is number 3 which is source.

The prologue in a book is an introduction, before the first chapter, that can introduce the story details to the reader. It contains information that the readers need to understand the narrative before they get into the main story. Prologues can be useful story-building tools because they are a natural source. It can be used to provide back story details, world details, or a character introduction within the confines of the narrative.

A prologue only contains “front matter.” It provides a particular purpose for it to be considered an appropriate prologue. There are three reasons why a prologue will generally be included.

  • It offers a different point in time for a character or setting. If the events of a character’s childhood influence decisions that are made within the main text of the story, then including those events in a prologue would be appropriate.
  • It offers more information that is necessary, but difficult to include. Let’s say you’re writing a story in first-person voice. It would be difficult for you to be able to include certain secrets or details within this story unless you either have the character think about them or tell them to someone.
  • It offers action. When a prologue is used to grab the attention of the reader right away, it can be used to transition the reader toward the conclusion of the story immediately.

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