sam left his school 3:05 he walked speed 32 mph 15 minutes later al started running

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sam left his school 305 he walked speed 32 mph 15 minutes later al started running

Walking 5/6 of his usual speed, a man is 10 minute too late. The usual time taken by him to cover that distance is:

he is walking 5/6 th of his speed, i.e
Actual speed : present speed = 6 : 5
as we know speed = distance/Time
so the Time should be = 5 : 6
so , Let actual time taken is 5x
present time taken is 6x
so, 6x-5x =10
=> x=10
=>5x= 50
So the actual ime taken is 50 mins .


Relative pace

If two bodies are moving (within the same path or in the wrong way), then the speed of one physique with regard towards the other is known as its relative pace.

Relative speed is a phenomenon that we observe everyday. Suppose you are travelling in school bus and there’s a 2nd bus coming in the opposite direction, then it seems that the second Bus is moving much faster than actual. If both the Buses had been moving within the exact same path at exact same speeds, they seem to be stationary if seen from one of those Busses, although they may really be in a speed of 100 km/hr every. What exactly you really notice is your speed relative towards the other.

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