sly fox outwitted trusting bear what adjectives

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Identify the adjective: The sly fox outwitted the trusting bear.

  1. Sly, trusting
  2. Sly, fox
  3. Outwitted, trusting

The answer of the question above is number 1 which sly and trusting.

An adjective is a word which modifies a noun. Noun is a word that names a place, person or thing. An adjective is a word that describes noun clearly. Adjective might explain the character, size, age,quality, color, shape of a noun. It gives more detail information about the noun. The function of a series of adjective words is to make a noun more specific and clearer. Look at the sentence bellow; imagine that you are looking at a group of cats. I will show you my favorite cat. The use of adjective bellow will help you to identify the certain cat pointed.

Look at the cat!

Look at the white cat!

Look at the young white cat!

Look at the cute little young white cat!

So which sentence would easily direct you to the cat that is being pointed? It is absolutely the last one that has clear explanation of the noun. That is how adjective functions in a sentence.

In the phrases, adjective is written before the noun, such as sly fox and trusting bear. The word sly describes the characteristic of a fox, so does the word trusting that modifies the bear. There might be many bears, but the bear which is outwitted is the one who trusts the fox. That is why the adjective makes the noun more specific.

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