some americans prefer appointment judges rather elections because they believe appointment

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Some Americans prefer appointment of judges rather than elections because they believe appointment    
A) Leads judges to be dependent on the other government branches
B) Costs less than if potential judges must run campaigns
C) Frees judges from the pressures of public support and re-election
D) Allows judges to focus on the will of the people in judicial review

the answer is :

A) Leads judges to be dependent on the other government branches


An election is a formal cooperative choice making process by which a populace picks a person to hold open office. Races have been the typical system by which current delegate majority rules system has worked since the seventeenth century. Races may fill workplaces in the council, now and then in the official and legal, and for local and nearby government. This procedure is likewise utilized as a part of numerous other private and business associations, from clubs to intentional affiliations and corporations.

The all inclusive utilization of decisions as a device for choosing agents in current delegate majority rules systems is conversely with the training in the just model, old Athens, where the Races were viewed as an oligarchic organization and most political workplaces were filled utilizing sortition, otherwise called allocation, by which officeholders were picked by lot.

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