suppose you have job assigning proper number house representatives seats various 1

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Suppose you have the job of assigning the proper number of House of Representatives seats for various states. To do that, you must know the …… in that state.

  1. Number of counties
  2. Population
  3. Number of district
  4. Apportionment


The answer of the question above is number 2 which is population.

House of representative is the name of legislative bodies in many countries and sub-national entitles. Members of House of Representatives are apportioned based on the population rather than geography. In the United States, the house consists of Representative who occupy the seats in congressional districts which are placed to every of the 50 states according to the population as measured by the U.S Census, with each district delegated to one representative. All representatives are directly voted. The lower house would be “of the people”, elected directly by the people of the United States and representing public’s opinion, and a more deliberative upper house that would represent the individual states, and would be less susceptible to variations of mass sentiment, would be elected by to lower house.

House of Representatives are apportioned among the states by population, as determined by the census held every ten years. Each state entitled to at least one Representative, however small its population. Congress regularly increased the numbers of the house to adjust with the population growth until it is appropriate the amount of the voting house members.


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