what factors might influence family composition

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What factor might influence family composition? 
Religious beliefs
All of the above

the answer is :

All these factors can influence family composition: the religious beliefs, for example, established a man-woman-children model, the war can take the husband away and the poverty can put the family in deep problems, what can lead it to fail.


There is no academic accord over what correctly constitutes a religion. It might be characterized as a social arrangement of assigned practices and practices, world perspectives, writings, blessed spots, predictions, morals, or associations, that cases to relate mankind to otherworldly, supernatural, or profound components.

Diverse religions could conceivably contain different components extending from the divine, consecrated things, faith, an otherworldly being or heavenly beings or “some kind of ultimacy and amazing quality that will give standards and energy to whatever remains of life”. Religious practices may incorporate customs, sermons, celebration or worship (of gods), penances, celebrations, feasts, dazes, starts, funerary administrations, wedding administrations, reflection, petition, music, workmanship, move, open administration, or different parts of human culture. Religions have hallowed histories and stories, which might be saved in holy sacred texts, and images and heavenly places, that point for the most part to give a significance to life. Religions may contain emblematic stories, which are once in a while said by supporters to be valid, that have the side reason for clarifying the beginning of life, the universe, and different things. Customarily, confidence, notwithstanding reason, has been viewed as a wellspring of religious beliefs.

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