what steps were taken kennedy administration resist communist world infiltration

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What steps were taken by the Kennedy administration to resist Communist world infiltration?  

the answer is :

The Cuban Missile Crisis was about the Soviet Union (Russia) sending nuclear missiles to be stored in Cuba, in order to have them closer to the United States. Kennedy sent military advisers to South Vietnam to train troops to fight Communist powers in North Vietnam. Kennedy also made a speech at the Berlin Wall against the Communist side of the wall. It was a Nuclear Arms Race. At the Bay of Pigs Invasion, he sent a brigade of CIA-trained Cuban exiles to overthrow Castro and his power.


In political and sociologies, communism is the philosophical, social, political, and financial belief system and development whose extreme objective is the foundation of the comrade society, which is a financial request organized upon the basic responsibility for methods for generation and the nonappearance of social classes, money and the state.

Socialism incorporates an assortment of schools of thought, which comprehensively incorporate Marxism and rebellion (anarcho-socialism), and also the political belief systems gathered around both. These offer the examination that the present request of society originates from its financial framework, private enterprise; that in this framework there are two noteworthy social classes; that contention between these two classes is the foundation of all issues in the public arena; and that this circumstance will eventually be settled through a social transformation. The two classes are the common laborers—who must work to survive and who make up the greater part inside society—and the industrialist class—a minority who gets benefit from utilizing the regular workers through private responsibility for methods for generation. The insurgency will put the common laborers in control and thusly set up social responsibility for methods for creation, which as indicated by this examination is the essential component in the change of society towards socialism. Commentators of socialism can be generally partitioned into those fretting about the down to earth parts of twentieth century comrade states and those worrying about socialist standards and theory.

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