which best describes effect j j thomsons discovery

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Which best describes the effect of J.J. Thompson’s discovery?

  1. The accepted model of atom was changed
  2. The accepted model of atom was supported
  3. Cathode ray tubes were no longer used in experiments due to poor result
  4. Cathode ray tubes became the only instrument of use in the study of atoms.

The answer of the question above is number 1 which is the accepted model of atom was changed.

J.J. Thompson was one of the great scientists of the 19th century. J.J. Thompson discovered electrons and found that an atom can be divided. J.J. Thompson discovered the electrons by experimenting using cathode ray tube. He demonstrated that cathode rays were negatively charged. He also studied positively charged particles in neon gas. He insisted atoms are structured of positive cores and negatively charged particles within it. He developed the Plum Pudding Model before the atomic nucleus was discovered. This proves that the electrons are surrounded by a “pudding” of positive charges to balance the negative charges. However J.J. Thompson was the one who initiated the idea of an atom structure which formed by subatomic particle 1,000 times smaller than an atom itself.

Thompson’s greatest gift to physics was not his experiments but the next generation of scientists who studied under him including Rutherford, Oppenheimer and Aston. These great minds were inspired by him, marking him out as one of the grandfathers of modern physics. And nowadays, J.J. Thompson’s discovery has helped people to understand the atom and its generic structure better.

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