which following leaders pushed invasion europe way english channel joseph

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Which of the following leaders pushed for an invasion of Europe by way of the English Channel? 

  • Joseph Stalin
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Franklin Roosevelt
  • Winston Churchill

the answer is :

“Joseph Stalin” was the one leader among the following choices given in the question that pushed for an invasion of Europe by way of the English Channel.


The English Channel (French: la Manche, “The Sleeve”; German: Ärmelkanal, “Sleeve Channel”; Breton: Mor Breizh, “Ocean of Brittany”; Cornish: Mor Bretannek, “English Ocean”), additionally called just the Channel, is the waterway that isolates southern Britain from northern France, and connections the southern piece of the North Ocean to the Atlantic Sea. It is the busiest transportation region on the planet.

It is around 560 km (350 mi) long and shifts in width from 240 km (150 mi) at its most stretched out to 33.3 km (20.7 mi) in the Strait of Dover. It is the littlest of the shallow oceans around the mainland rack of Europe, covering a zone of somewhere in the range of 75,000 km2 (29,000 sq mi).

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