which following way groundwater depletion affects streamsa lower water levelb

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Which of the following is a way that groundwater depletion affects streams?  

a. lower water level

b. loss of vegetation

c. wildlife disruption

d. all of the above

Please select the best answer from the choices provided

the answer is:

a. lower water level


Groundwater is the water show underneath Earth’s surface in soil pore spaces and in the cracks of shake arrangements. A unit of shake or an unconsolidated store is called an aquifer when it can yield a usable amount of water. The profundity at which soil pore spaces or cracks and voids in shake turn out to be totally immersed with water is known as the water table. Groundwater is revived from, and in the long run streams to, the surface normally; common release frequently happens at springs and leaks, and can frame desert gardens or wetlands. Groundwater is likewise regularly pulled back for agrarian, city, and modern use by developing and working extraction wells. The investigation of the circulation and development of groundwater is hydrogeology, likewise called groundwater hydrology.

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