which these example haploid cella neuronb spermc red blood cell

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Which of these is an example of a haploid cell?  
a. Neuron
b. Sperm
c. Red blood cell

the answer is :

B. Sperm is an Example of Haploid cell. A Haploid cell contains a Complete set of chromosomes.


Haploid is the term utilized when a cell has a large portion of the typical number of chromosomes. A typical eukaryotic living being is made out of diploid cells, one arrangement of chromosomes from each parent. Be that as it may, after meiosis, the quantity of chromosomes in gametes is divided. That is the haploid condition.

In people, the diploid number of chromosomes is 46 (2×23). The number in haploid cells (sperm and eggs) is 23. A few sorts of creatures are haploid, for example, male Hymenoptera (ants, honey bees and wasps). This is a unique hereditary framework called haplodiploidy.

A few plants and creatures are polyploid, with in excess of two arrangements of chromosomes. For instance, one types of wheat is hexaploid, with six arrangements of chromosomes, albeit different types of wheat have just two sets. Since such a significant number of life forms are diploid, it can end up confounding whether haploid alludes to one arrangement of chromosomes or more than one. The exceptional term monoploid can be utilized; it implies one arrangement of chromosomes.

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