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Why was Alfonsina Storni’s work controversial to some people in literary?

  1. They supported a dictatorship
  2. They polarized religious groups
  3. They supported a illegal activities
  4. They had a strong feminist message


The answer of the question above is number 4 which is they had strong feminist message.

Alfonsina Storni’s work was controversial to some people because they briefly conveyed feminist issue and are open minded on female passion, that was absolutely an uncommon thing at the time. Alfonsina Storni works are also inspired by her dramatic, eventful, and often painful life. In her early career, she was often criticized for her atypical style in working on novels, short stories and essays. Storni’s early work was criticized for being immature and beginner.

After five years, she shifted her tone of irony which became her characterize on her following works. Most of her works are marked by despair largely brought about her life fight. Her feminist theme in her writing also received harsh criticism. As one of Argentina’s early feminists, she worked hard on securing gender equality. By the time past, her works are considered matured and developed. Her life and her achievement had become serve living examples to other women. As a writer, she wrote works of great value and originality. It might be insisted that her life and her works had been fundamental in establishing the basis of contemporary feminist issue in Hispanic letters.


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